New Gluten Free Meal Plan now in the Healthy Mummy App!

As part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge,  we have come up with an AWESOME new meal plan designed by nutritionists and now available in the Healthy Mummy App!

Introducing the GLUTEN FREE Meal Plan!

This Meal Plan is a NEW to our Healthy Mummy App and is ADDITIONAL to some of the meal plans we have including:

  • Beginner
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescatarian
  • Pantry Basics
  • Budget Time Saver meal plan
  • Hormone Balancing for 45+
  • Keto
  • Higher Calorie
  • Pregnancy

See here to find out more and for all the meal plans available in the Healthy Mummy App.

Along with all these meal plan options, there are over 6000 healthy and family friendly recipes in the Healthy Mummy App, with filter functions to make searching for your favourite recipes really easy!

Scroll down to find out about all things Gluten PLUS get a sneak peek of some of the Gluten Free recipe on the new Meal Plan!

Why go Gluten Free

Gluten free diets have become the most common ‘special diet’ worldwide. The reason for following a Gluten Free diet is primarily due to medically diagnosed health conditions that can cause a host of digestive and gut problems.

What is Gluten?

 Gluten is a protein found mostly in grains, and as an additive in some processed foods. The breakdown and digestion of gluten can be toxic or cause an immune reaction in some people.

There are three main disorders that a person can have that will cause them to have an adverse reaction to gluten. These are:-

  • coeliac disease
  • wheat allergy
  • non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.

What are the symptoms?

Signs and symptoms of these disorders can include: iron deficiency or anaemia, bloating, flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea, fatigue, abdominal pain, body aches, nausea and vomiting, weight changes, irritation around the mouth or throat, hives, nasal congestion, headaches, difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis. If you experience any of these symptoms please speak to your health care provider. They may suggest that you follow a gluten free diet.

What you can and can’t eat

It can be quite overwhelming when you begin to follow a gluten free diet. Checking the back of every packet can be tiresome but it is essential.

The main ingredients to avoid are:

  • wheat
  • wheat derivatives such as semolina
  • kamut
  • spelt
  • rye
  • barley
  • triticale
  • malt
  • brewer’s yeast
  • oats (while oats are technically gluten free they are often processed in facilities with gluten)

When a packet says ‘may contain traces of gluten’ this means that the food may have come into contact with gluten somewhere in its production and therefore is best to be avoided.

Gluten free foods

There are lots of foods that are gluten free, but it’s still always safe to check the labels on anything processed. This is not a comprehensive list but will give you an idea of what food groups are safe.

Gluten free whole grains

  • quinoa
  • brown rice
  • buckwheat
  • tapioca
  • arrowroot

Fruits and veggies

  • citrus fruits
  • fruit including berries, apples bananas
  • cruciferous vegetables
  • greens
  • starchy veggies


  • Red meats
  • Poultry
  • Legumes
  • Seafood
  • traditional soy food
  • legumes

Proteins to avoid any meat, poultry, or fish that has been breaded, plus proteins that are combined with wheat-based soy sauce.

Gluten-free dairy products

  • milk
  • butter and ghee
  • cheese
  • cream
  • cottage cheese
  • sour cream
  • yogurt

Gluten-free fats and oils

  • butter and ghee
  • olives and olive oil
  • avocados and avocado oil
  • coconut oil
  • vegetable and seed oils, including sesame oil, canola
  • oil, and sunflower oil

Gluten-free spices, sauces, and condiments

  • tamari
  • coconut aminos
  • white vinegar, distilled vinegar, and apple cider vinegar

Why follow our Gluten Free Meal Plan

It is important to note when talking about packaged foods; not all gluten free food is healthy! They can be full of modified starches, thickeners, sugars and other additives that can wreak havoc on your digestive system and general health.

This is why following a wholefood gluten free meal plan like the one we have created is so important. It makes sure that you are avoiding all sources of gluten and being gentle on your digestive system whilst getting all the nutrients you need to help you thrive.

You’ll notice that this meal plan is packed with healthy gluten free alternatives like amaranth, buckwheat, legumes, millet, nuts, potatoes, quinoa, and rice. These nutrient rich foods contain vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, zinc and magnesium, are great sources of fibre to help keep you regular and contain prebiotics to help promote the growth of good bacteria in your GIT. We’ve also included a range of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein sources and ‘healthier’ dessert options for you to try to ensure you are eating a well balanced diet.

Sneak Peek of some Recipes on the New Gluten Free Meal Plan

Nut and Berry Chia Porridge

This is a great make ahead gluten free breakfast using Chia seeds which are packed with healthy fats and fibre to help control hunger. At just 314 cals per serve this the perfect way to start your day.

Get the recipe here

Asian Pork and Veggie Rice Balls

These Asian  inspired rice balls make for a great savory snack or light lunch. Keep them in the fridge for 3-4 days or the freezer for up to 2 months. Just grab 2-3 balls per person and reheat when you want something quick and easy!

Get the recipe here

Ultimate Baked Potato

With just 5 ingredients, and just 262 calories, this topped baked potato is super easy to prepare and makes a filling and nutritious lunch.

Get the recipe here

Loaded Sweet Potato Fries

Who knew you could enjoy fries for dinner and still lose weight! Well you can with recipes like this. Sweet potato and kidney beans are high in fibre to improve digestion. Plus totally gluten free.

Get the recipe here

Chicken, Cashew and Broccoli Stir Fry

This low carb, gluten free stir fry is a family friendly lunch or dinner and is quick and easy to prepare – just 380 cals per serve.

Get the recipe here

Spanish Rice with chorizo

Need a quick and easy dinner? This Easy Spanish Rice with Chorizo will be a hit with the whole family. It’s high in fibre and loaded with veggies and PACKED with flavour.

Get the recipe here

Chocolate Chip Chickpea Cookies

Chickpeas in cookies? Yep and it totally works – you’d never know they were there. These gluten free high protein cookies are really easy to make and taste amazing.

Get the recipe here

Gluten Free Hummingbird Cake

This is a show stopping cake you can enjoy for a special celebration or for dessert or  just for afternoon tea! It’s surprisingly easy to make and just 372 calories per serve

Get the recipe here

See how to customise to different meal plans in the Healthy Mummy App.

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Mums share their amazing Healthy Mummy transformations!

Cicily Goodwin- 35Kgs Lost

Mum of two Cicily started her journey with The Healthy Mummy in July 2016. In the first few months, she lost 20kgs by using The Healthy Mummy Smoothies twice a day and making the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals. She lost another 35kgs over the next year.

Cicily says “I started the year at 110kgs and got to 75kg!! The lifetime goal I’ve dreamed of my whole life! “

Cicily admits that her when she started her journey it was all about weight loss but after living a healthy lifestyle it became a lot more about happiness.


Zoe Terry – 41.7Kgs Lost

Zoe shares, “July 2019 – March 2020 – 41.1kgs gone and definitely not missed! I never thought I could do it. I never thought I would enjoy it. But Healthy Mummy has made it easy and fun!

I have found that 2 smoothies, 3 snacks and a healthy main meal paired with daily exercise is what’s worked for me!”


Melissa Timmer – 37kgs Lost

The Healthy Mummy which has helped her take back control and within 18 months, she had lost a whopping 37 kg and has been maintaining her weight for three years.

Even though Melissa’s weight fluctuates up and down a little she says “I couldn’t care less because this journey is about being happy and if you feel happy in your skin, no matter how much you weigh or what size you are, that’s all that matters. “We are all different and beautiful so don’t be stuck on what scales say all the time.”

Tarryn Eames – 30Kg Lost

Tarryn says:-

  • From 97KGS to 67KGS
  • From a size 18/20 to a size 10/12
  • From lethargic to energetic
  • From miserable to genuinely happy
  • From hating my body to appreciating it.

“At the beginning of my journey,  all I wanted was to lose weight. I never aimed to gain anything. However, all I’ve gained means more to me than the kilos that are now gone and the cms that have disappeared too. Somewhere along the way, I gained the energy to be able to play with my children and the confidence needed to do that in a public setting.

I gained many beautiful and like-minded friends. I gained confidence. I gained strength both physically and mentally. I gained self-love. I gained knowledge about nutrition and exercise. But most importantly I gained happiness.”

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